Drone warfare film addresses spiritual and moral questions

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Even as we contend with fractious times in our nation, the United States continues to prosecute wars connected to the events of Sept. 11, 2001. Drone warfare has become a key part of these wars. In some quarters, drones are touted as being a humane way of war making that decreases civilian casualties. That's not accurate! Drones allow militaries to being wars to places they normally would not venture. The use of drones doesn't make war better—they make war bigger. 

Our friends at the InterFaith Network on Drone Warfare are offering free 30-minute films about drone warfare for screenings at churches. We highly recommend learning more about drone warfare with these films. So much so that the Peace and Justice Support Network wants to help your church host a screening.

Vist https://www.interfaithdronenetwork.org/ and register to screen the movies. Once you decide on a date, time and location for your screening, let us know by emailing Jasonb@mennoniteusa.org. PJSN can offer up to $75 dollars to support your efforts. The funds can go toward promoting the screening in your community, refreshments, or other costs that may be associated with showing these films.

Education is a vital step in opposing the continued rise of militarism in our country. We're grateful to partner with the Interfaith Network on Drone Warfare to address this important issue.


Want to know more about drones? 

Pastor Isaac Villegas of Chapel Hill Mennonite Fellowship has written and spoken about drone warfare and why peacemakers should care. Read his article from The Mennonite.

Watch a presentation Villegas gave at the Interfaith Conference on Drone Warfare in 2015 entitled "Why Do People of Faith Care About This Issue?"











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