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<p>Gratitude is the overwhelming feeling I experience as I write this. Gratitude for God's love for us, through Jesus. Gratitude to you all for allowing me to serve the church through my role with PJSN. Gratitude for the glimmers of hope that refuse to be dimmed, even as the horizon seems to darken.  <br></p><p>This is unusual for me. To be honest, I'm not great at gratitude. I like to think I have good manners and give thanks when its due, but I'm temperamentally set to always be thinking about what's next. While that can be a positive attribute in some areas, I struggle to stop and fully recognize the blessings of each day.  </p><p>The long road of disruption and uncertainty that is COVID-19 has forced me to recalibrate my inner compass. The energy I get from looking hopefully ahead is still an important part of who I am, but it has been tempered by a thankfulness for the things that are here and now. Maybe when COVID-19 recedes I'll regress, but I hope not. It feels good to thank God and to be grateful for the gifts God gives. </p><p>As a new year unfolds, I'm especially grateful for the ways PJSN is networking and connecting with such a wide variety of people and groups across Mennonite Church USA. Our work is so much better when done in partnership and collaboration. We're forging new partnerships this year. And while I'm very excited about where they may lead, I'm enjoying the process and conversations that are the foundation for new things. </p><p>One thing I unabashedly hope for in 2021 is the chance to visit with you all again in person. Until then, we do a lot with digital tools. If I can be of support to you or your church in its peacemaking efforts, using Zoom or other technologies, please let me know! I would love to connect with your congregation or small group.  </p><p>Thank you for reading DoveTales. I hope the updates and ideas in these pages are helpful in your peacemaking.  <br><br>Peace.<br><br>Jason Boone<br>Minister of Peace and Justice</p><p><br></p>




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