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<p>I've benefited greatly over the past several months from reading the work of Mennonite theologian Gordon Kauffman. I'll be honest, I'm not sure I understand everything he wrote, or agree with it all, but the idea of creativity being a central component of God's work in the world through Jesus is exciting. </p><p>Especially these days as we live in a world that can seem like one endless news cycle, with outrage and disagreement being recycled daily, a call to look ahead, think new thoughts, and attempt new things is refreshing. </p><p>This type of creativity isn't about following the latest fashions or fads, which evaporate over time, leaving no impact. This is a creativity that is built on the solid foundations of the life and teachings of Jesus. It's creativity with an eye toward shalom for everyone, with designs to build just relationships among all people. </p><p>I struggle, like many people, I imagine, with balancing the excitement of embarking on new ventures with the fear of failure. It's one thing to recite the Scriptures of Jesus calling his disciples to new ways of living—and another to live in new ways. </p><p>Kauffman has inspired me to see 2019 as an opportunity to try new creative ideas for the Peace and Justice Support Network. Our mission is still the same—we exist to support, encourage and strengthen peace and justice across Mennonite Church USA. And the issues we engage with may be familiar. But this year we want to embark on new ways of approaching them. (These new initiatives will be shaped by the feedback you gave me last year. Read about the results of your feedback in this issue of <em>Dove Tales</em>). </p><p>I believe that this direction is right—we need new ways to respond to our times. You've always been supportive and gracious to me personally and to PJSN. I ask for your continued support as we work out these new initiatives and ideas. Let's see where this path leads us. <br></p><p>Peace,</p><p><br></p><p>Jason Boone<br>Coordinating Minister<br>Peace and Justice Support Network<br></p>




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