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<p>I think it's safe to say 2018 will be another year full of challenges and opportunities for peacemakers.</p><p>The turmoil in our nation is only increased by a dysfunctional political system. The animosity, entrenched racism, increased poverty, and despair will not stop anytime soon.</p><p>That's not to mention our massive, destructive military engagements around the world. Since 2001, we've been at perpetual war. This horrible reality gets lost in the noise of 24-hour news cycles and bitter infighting between political opponents.</p><p>In the midst of this mess, the world needs active peace churches more than ever. It needs peacemakers who refuse to compromise beliefs to win partisan battles, who refuse to kill in pursuit of peace, who are brave enough to love those who are supposed to be enemies.</p><p>The world needs a vision of what is possible, a vision of true change and restoration for people and communities who've been hurt by the greed and violence that has become depressingly acceptable.</p><p>Only a church centered on Jesus can form and support those peacemakers. Only a church centered on Jesus can communicate and live into that vision.</p><p>Mennonites have kept Jesus at the center of our faith for nearly 500 years. We'll continue, together, to do so, and to venture out to meet the challenges ahead of us, joining in God's mission of reconciliation for all.</p><p>And the Peace and Justice Support Network will continue developing resources and opportunities to support, encourage and strengthen our peace witness. Read about these resources and opportunities in this issue of <em>Dove Tales</em>. Please don't hesitate to be in touch with me to discuss these items, or any other way PJSN can be of assistance to you in your peacemaking.</p><p>Together, following the path of Jesus, we can turn the challenges we face today into new ways of proclaiming, and living out, the kingdom of God.<br></p><p>Peace!<br></p><p><br></p><p>Jason Boone</p><p>Coordinating Minister <br>Peace and Justice Support Network<br></p><p><br></p>




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