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<p>​<em>Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.</em><em>  </em><em>—Esther 4:14</em><em> </em></p><p>This passage from Esther comes to my mind lately as the Peace and Justice Support Network goes about its work of strengthening and supporting peace and justice across Mennonite Church USA. <br></p><p>As upheavals in political, economic and social realms continue to reverberate, I see and hear of more Mennonites becoming involved in peace and justice in new ways. Folks are taking time to make their voices heard in support of marginalized people and communities. Others are seeking out new opportunities to serve and relate to their neighbors in efforts to bridge the relational gaps that are growing in our country. Churches are speaking and acting boldly for <br>justice, in and out of meeting spaces.</p><p>This is beautiful to behold. The circumstances that produce this new growth may not be ideal, but I am heartened to be part of a church that, when peace and justice appear further away, redoubles its efforts to follow the path of Jesus.</p><p>The Peace and Justice Support Network is trying to keep up! Read more in this issue of <em>DoveTales</em> of ways we are trying to assist and further the energy for peace and justice that is rising across our church.</p><p><br></p><p>Peace,<br></p><p>Jason Boone</p><p>Coordinating Minister <br>Peace and Justice Support Network<br></p>




For such a time as this such a time as thisEnglish