Lesson 3: Teacher's Notes

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lesson Three: The experience of trauma

Objective: To better understand the experience of trauma and its impact on the lives of soldiers and veterans.

Opening exercises: Invite the class to call out some of the top stress inducing experiences in life as you write them down on newsprint. See if you can agree on the top 5. Invite them to call out biblical stories that illustrate the stressors.

View the interview with Logan Mehl-Laituri on Moral Injury and discuss. See http://civilianpublicservice.org/storycontinues/hotline#clip4.









Lesson 3: The experience of traumahttps://www.pjsn.org/resources/militarism/returning-veterans/lesson-3/Lesson-3-The-experience-of-traumaLesson 3: The experience of trauma
Lesson 3: Additonal Resourceshttps://www.pjsn.org/resources/militarism/returning-veterans/lesson-3/LessonThreeAdditonalResourcesLesson 3: Additonal Resources



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