Peace with neighbor

By Jason Boone
Thursday, March 11, 2021



Is there still a place for dialogue in our fractured world? Are conversation and deep listening still useful tools for a peacemaker? Or have we passed a point where the demands of justice require different mechanisms?

It may be out of fashion in some circles, but I DO still believe in the healing power of dialogue to bridge divides, of peaceful communication as a pathway to reconciliation. 

True dialogue in pursuit of peace means honestly reckoning with injustice, wrong doing and sin. It's true that conversation can be wrongly used as a cover for maintaining the status qua. But it's also true that the hard work of dialogue and a dedication to non-violent problem solving has helped correct some of the most deeply rooted injustices and heal the most bitter conflicts.

PJSN is working with our friends at Mennonite Central Committee on a webinar that show the power of dialogue and peaceful communication and give you tools to use in your own community. We're getting details worked out and will announce and date and registration information soon!



Jason Boone is Minister of Peace and Justice at Mennonite Mission Network.




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